Your Fitness and Nutrition Coach will lead you every step of the way!
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Group Classes

Our Group Classes are motivational, supportive, and most of all fun! Every class is led by a coach who will walk you through the warm-up, a strength or skill session, and the workout of the day (the WOD).

Personal Training

Personal training at New Horizon Athletics is designed to help you reach your fitness and health goals in a one-on-one or small group environment. We will custom tailor a program specific to your needs and fitness pursuits.

Nutrition Coaching

Our program is written and backed by a Registered Dietician. You'll receive a customized plan just for you with ongoing support and accountability to ensure your progress.

Getting Started Is Easy

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    We understand there is a lot of mixed information when it comes to exercise & nutrition. At New Horizon Athletics, we are here to find out where you are starting from and formulate a custom plan for you!

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    Create Your Custom Plan

    Meet with a fitness and nutrition expert to create a simple and sustainable plan. At New Horizon Athletics, we focus on accountability & motivation to help you reach your goals.

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    Experience Amazing Results

    Your coach is there every step of the way and will make tweaks to your plan as your body transforms. This ensures continued success and optimal results.


Good health begins with what you put into your body. It’s the foundation for everything and it doesn’t have to be confusing. Add a solid nutritional foundation to an exercise regimen with New Horizon Athletics and you have the recipe for success.

Have you tried other diets and other fitness programs in the past and feel like...

You can only stick to a routine or diet for a few days or a few weeks before you backslide and return to old habits?

You lose weight temporarily, but then gain it back (and then some) quickly after just a few setbacks?

Going to the gym is a chore and you have trouble getting motivated to get a workout in?

Every 'diet' is a failure and you can't seem to find a nutrition program that you can stick to long-term?

You wake up feeling uncomfortable in your own body and wonder what it will take to make real change?

It's scary walking into a new gym and you are worried you won't be 'in shape' enough to start?


You deserve to live your perfect day, everyday!
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Your Success Support Team

Owners of New Horizon Athletics

Adam Wood

Owner, Head Coach & Weightlifting Specialist

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer - ISSA Strength & Conditioning - ISSA Sports Nutrition - USAW Level 1 - USAW Level 2 - Burgener Strength Level 1 - CrossFit Level 1 - CrossFit Level 2 - Pose Method Running Technique Specialist

Amanda Wood

Owner, General Manager & Nutrition Specialist

NASM Certified Personal Trainer - NASM Senior Fitness Specialist - Precision Nutrition Level 1 - HSN Certified Nutrition Coach - CrossFit Level 1 - CrossFit Kids - Pose Method Running Technique Specialist - Bachelors from University of Florida: Family, Youth & Community Science, Specialization in Education

New Horizon Athletics

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