At New Horizon Athletics we believe change is made through creating healthy sustainable habits. Change doesn’t happen over night; however, if we can set short term attainable goals this can lead to long term success.

Our Coaching services we provided are as follows:

Personal Training is our highest level of service and quickest way to meet your goals. Personal Training allows us to tailor all details specific to your needs. Complete individualized program and 1 on 1 coaching. You will have monthly check-ins were we will discuss biometrics and evaluate how the previous month went. We will then discuss adjustments to keep you moving forward.

At New Horizon Athletics we believe change is made through creating healthy sustainable habits. Nutrition is the key to success and creating habits that will change your life, help you reach your goals, and even impact those around you. Our nutrition program will meet you where you are. We focus on helping you build healthy sustainable habits that will last, no “FAD DIETS” here. We care about nourishing your body with real whole foods, stress management, and hydration. We will educate you and help you develop a plan that works for you. You will have weekly virtual check ins and monthly in person check-ins, all which encourage you and provide accountability.

Looking for community, motivation, and accountability of a group with professional coaching? Our group classes might just be exactly what you are looking. Did we mention you will have a coach? Group classes last 50 minutes, your coach will take you through a warm up and lead you every step of the way with what best suites you and your goals. At New Horizon Athletics we believe in coaching you, not only in group classes, we ask our members to schedule a check in with a coach every quarter to celebrate successes, discuss struggles, and adapt new strategies for success. We also offer an optional In Body Biometric Scan.

What is Corrective Exercise? With the demands of every day life, being positioned in static positions day in and day out the body may adapt to poor positions and movement strategies. If nothing is done to offset or correct these poor positions or movement strategies they can lead to poor posture, limited ranges of motion, or even pain. Corrective exercise starts with an in depth static and dynamic assessment. Following the assessment a corrective routine will be implemented to help correct movement strategies and imbalances.

Teams that train together, “Stick Together”. Team sport training has many benefits! Team training helps prevent injury, increases strength, speed, power, and builds resilience and team bonding. We also train the team specific to their sport, in terms of we will expose the athlete to the demands of sport. We offer Off-Season, Pre-Season, and In-Season training for athletic teams. We are equipped to meet your team’s Strength and Conditioning needs. We can also provide onsite training, if desired. Please email us to inquiry about team training.