Fear of Failure

Lately, it seems I have been talking around this topic to some degree or another. Not specifically to failure, but to situations that have a risk of failure. 

We all fear failure to some degree. How we manage that fear determines who we become and what we become. 

I have spoken to clients about not seeing results, lack of motivation, stress with work and life, and seeking competitive milestones. 

The truth is we overcome failure with failure. Failure can do 1 of 2 things. 

Failure will guide you to success or it will paralyze you to success. 

If failure is accepted it can be turned into feedback. Feedback that can help create a better plan or process that leads to success. Every great achievement has been met with failure. It was learning from that failure that led to great achievement. 

If failure is not accepted it will most likely halt progress, success, and motivation. Failure is not meant to say it can’t be done, it is meant to guide the way it can be done. 

Being paralyzed by fear will keep action from happening. This failure has been met with no resistance and no success. 

Think about the classic underdog scenario. No one is drawn to the failure or risk of failure placed on the underdog. When the underdog is met with failure and overcomes the odds, everyone cheers and celebrates with them. 

Strive to have an underdog mentality, fight for what you believe in, fight for what you want your life to look like, fight for yourself, and fight for the future you. 

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